Copying a list of Constituent IDs into a Raiser’s Edge Query

If you are a regular Raiser’s Edge user, sooner or later you will find you have a need to copy a list of something — Constituent IDs, Import IDs, Names — into a Raiser’s Edge one-of query. But how to do it? If you copy and paste as you normally would, nothing happens.

Here is the trick for how to accomplish this.

Step 1. In Excel (or wherever you have your list), copy the column of cells that you would like to paste into your query.

Step 2. In Raiser’s Edge, open up a query. On the Criteria tab, select the Raiser’s Edge field that your data belongs to. Select “One of”.
One of

Step 3. Using your mouse, drag the scroll bar on the right side all the way to the bottom.

drag to bottom

Step 4. Click in the last cell. Now paste (Ctrl-V on a Windows computer).

Step 5.¬†You won’t see anything happen, but if you scroll back to the top, you will find the list there.
Numbers visible

It’s a bizarre trick but works.

Unfortunately, you can only paste a maximum of 500 items using this method. If you have more than that, you could use multiple one-of’s in your query. For example, your criteria could be:

Constituent ID is one of [List #1] or
Constituent ID is one of [List #2] or
Constituent ID is one of [List #3] or

When would you use this trick?
One of the situations where I have found this to be most useful is when I am adding an appeal/attribute/action to the records of a number of constituents. I would follow these steps:

Step 1. Copy the Constituent IDs of the relevant constituents from Excel into a query, as described above, and save the query.

Step 2. In Raiser’s Edge, go to Admin –> Global Add. Select the query that I just created, and do a Global Add of the appeal in question. Especially if you are working with less than 500 constituents, this can be much faster than¬†setting up an import file and doing an import.

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