Using keyboard shortcuts for dates in the Raiser’s Edge

Ever need to enter a bunch of date fields in the Raiser’s Edge?

This can come up with gift entry, action entry, batch, adding dates to a list of attributes, or many other circumstances. Clicking on the little calendar icon to find today’s date, or another date, can be very tedious — especially when you need to fill in multiple date fields.

Calendar dates

Raiser’s Edge has multiple shortcuts available to you to make data entry faster. If you dedicate yourself to using these, they’ll become second nature to you, and save you a lot of time:

  • F3 key: Hitting the F3 key will fill in the date field with today’s date. Presto.
  • Type in a number from 1 to 31: This will immediately be translated to that date during today’s month.

For dates outside of the current month, you’re stuck either typing them in or clicking the calendar button. Hopefully you’re working mostly in the current month — these shortcuts will save you taking your hands off the keyboard.

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