Finance Reconciliation

The Problem

Every week (or month, or year) the Development Department needs to reconcile its Raiser’s Edge records with the Finance Department’s separate database in order to ensure that gifts have been entered correctly and consistently with finance records. In the best case scenario, an employee trained in Raiser’s Edge must open a query; update the date values; export the data to Excel; and then modify the data into a printable format that is presentable for Finance. Totals and other information must be added manually.  This common task often takes organizations 1-2 hours or more per week.

The Crystal Report Solution

A custom Crystal Report pulls gift data from Raiser’s Edge and to presents it — along with totals, appropriate formatting, and any additional information you may want (such as solicitors, soft credits, etc) — at the click of a button. The report can be run by an end-user with no Crystal Reports or Raiser’s Edge experience (such as an employee in the Finance department), as long as they have access to Raiser’s Edge. When running the report, the user specifies a gift date range; the data printed comes directly from Raiser’s Edge and can be refreshed whenever new data is added to the database.

Sample Report

Click on the images below to see a larger version.

FR - query screen
When the user opens the report, s/he is asked for the gift date range. After selecting a range, the report appears, ready to print or be saved.
Weekly Finance Reconciliation Report
Gifts are separated by payments and pledges and include information about solicitor, payment type, and appeal.