Raiser’s Edge

Frustrated with Raiser’s Edge? You’re not alone.

As any user of The Raiser’s Edge knows, the database is a complex and powerful tool. But are you getting the most out of your database? You should be able to:

  • Assess the impact of your campaigns and compare campaign results from year to year;
  • Examine solicitor performance and generate lists of solicitor contacts;
  • View Board and major donor giving over multiple years; and
  • Generate acknowledgment letters at the click of a button.

While The Raiser’s Edge makes these and many more tasks possible, staff often do not have the training or time to take full advantage of the tools that are available. The complexity of accessing data in The Raiser’s Edge can result in long delays to obtain information that is useful for fundraising strategy.

Our work makes it easier for staff to use Raiser’s Edge — reducing the time to access sophisticated donor data, speeding up tedious data entry and mail tasks, and providing quality information that an organization needs to make strategic decisions about fundraising.

We also develop custom Crystal Reports. While many nonprofits utilize The Raiser’s Edge, few are aware that a powerful programming tool is included with it: SAP Crystal Reports XI. Custom Crystal Reports make all the difference between onerous, time-consuming querying, exporting, and Excel work; and professional-level reports that are prepared on the fly at the click of a button, and can be accessed by any Raiser’s Edge user. One of our key services to nonprofits is to develop custom Crystal Reports to replace tasks that literally consume hours of staff work per week.

Please visit our Crystal Reports page for a glimpse of what this software can do for you.