Solicitor Contact List

The Problem

If your organization has active solicitors, you may periodically need to ask them to review their contact lists, to determine which constituents should receive which mailings. Pulling this data from Raiser’s Edge can be complex and difficult to format in a presentable manner. If you want to display extensive information — such as addresses, giving history, mailing preferences, etc. — the process becomes even more lengthy.

The Crystal Report Solution

A custom Crystal Report allows an organization to pull, at the click of a button, contacts for all or for specific solicitors. In addition, dropdown options on the report allow you to specify whether to view in-depth constituent information (including addresses, giving history, etc) or simply the name and which mailings the constituent is receiving. Because the report pulls directly from the database, this report does not need to be updated over time as solicitors and their contacts change. As long as the data is kept clean in the database, the report will be usable indefinitely and save significant time in querying, exporting, and preparing contact lists.

Sample Report

This sample report was designed with numerous parameters to allow staff to utilize one report for many purposes.

On the opening screen, the user has three choices:
1. Select whose solicitor lists to display.
2. Only display their contacts who are receiving a specific mailing? Or all mailings?
3. Display a detailed or abbreviated list of constituents.

Question prompt

The detailed view includes constituents’ contact information; lifetime and most recent giving; and their current mail preferences.

SandraSmith contacts long

The abbreviated view lists a solicitor’s contacts, including their addressee; salutation; and mailing preferences.

Smith Contacts - Abbreviated

This report gives instant access to up-to-the-moment Raiser’s Edge solicitor data, in a variety of custom formats. This allows all Raiser’s Edge user — technically savvy and not — to pull this highly useful information at the click of a button.