“Rachel is an excellent writer and clear, analytical thinker… [She] has transformed our Raiser’s Edge platform by streamlining processes, introducing us to helpful tools and training staff in complex RE functions. This has saved us resources and improved the return on investment from our mailings. She developed custom Crystal Reports, created advanced queries and new categories, which have simplified and vastly improved the way we access information about donors and reconcile RE records with financial records. Thanks to Rachel’s work, we now have access to a number of statistical tools to promptly analyze our fundraising results.  Easy to work with, analytical, efficient and bright, Rachel is an asset for any organization thinking about improving its Raiser’s Edge platform and its foundation outreach.”

Sandy Santana, Children’s Rights, Interim Executive Director


“I… was continually impressed by her intelligence, responsibility, hard-working nature, and ability to work independently. Using her computer science background, Rachel completely restructured our use of the Raiser’s Edge database and turned it into a tool that supported our fundraising efforts and was instrumental in our growth. She designed ways to store and access information, including complex queries and reports, that allowed us to approach our fundraising efforts in a strategic manner. Given the opportunity, I would immediately hire Rachel again and I’m confident that anyone who has the chance to work with her will be extremely satisfied with the results.”

Jethro Miller, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Chief Development Officer


“Rachel is an expert user of Raiser’s Edge. She trained me on the program when I started at Children’s Rights, and even as I got more comfortable, I knew I could always go back to her with a question about how to pull a certain report or gather specific information. A patient, thoughtful, and analytical person, Rachel always listens and asks the right questions to help you find the solution to your query, no matter how complicated it may be.”

— Amanda Pirilli, Wall Street English


“Rachel brings a strong commitment to process improvement, systems analysis, customer service and team-building to her work… She led several initiatives that streamlined our outreach process and enabled the collection of metrics that informed and improved decision-making. She’s a conscientious and compassionate manager who organized individual and group professional development activities that strengthened team dynamics and job performance. Rachel was a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any project.”

Francisca Fiore, LaGuardia Community College, Assistant Dean


“Rachel is friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with, and most importantly, someone whose work you can trust. She is an excellent and efficient programmer who is able to tailor software programming to the particular needs of our complex Graduate Admissions project. She could break down a complex program and explain to me its functions, how it accomplishes its functions, and its weakness in particular situations. Though the software environment might be complex, I was able to navigate it and independently use it… If you can benefit from customizing software to your needs, hire her. She’s good.”

Eva Ng, Harvard University, Research Officer